You think you need to travel as far as to Japan to taste authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea? Well, if you only make it as far as Vienna, just make a brief stop at Cha no Ma to get a cup of the most delicious Matcha you have had in a long time.

Near the Naschmarkt in Vienna you will find a small Teahouse serving traditional Japanese Matcha green tea straight from Japan. And if you need a snack on the side, you have the difficulty to decide whether to get handmade Onigiri rice balls, Daifuku Mochi as well as delicious Matcha Tiramisu.

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Why you should try traditional Japanese Matcha

Are you tired of coffee? Are you looking for an effective alternative? I sometimes get tired of the same cup of coffee or black tea day in day out, and crave for a little change. Do you feel the same as me? Then you should try drinking Japanese Matcha Green Tea. By the way, Matcha is much stronger than coffee and is much more effective than coffee.

When I was in Japan for the first time in 2006, I was introduced to Matcha by my Japanese friend… and I fell in love instantly. Back then it was difficult, if not impossible to find Matcha, in my small rural hometown. But my craving could be satisfied as soon as I moved to Vienna. Finally in Austria’s capital, it did not take long for me to find a small Japanese teahouse called Cha no Ma near the Naschmarkt, Vienna‘s most famous market.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria

What is Cha no Ma?

Cha no Ma is Japanese and means „tea room“, the room where tea is served. It is also the fitting name for Vienna‘s own Japanese teahouse. Even though they are in the heart of Europe, they serve authentic delicious Matcha Green Tea, imported straight from Japan.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Japanese Matcha Store Cha No Ma next to Naschmarkt

The small shop is right between the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s most popular market as well Vienna’s only Japanese supermarket Nipponya and has a nice Japanese flair with only around 15 tiny seats available. 

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria

What should you drink at Cha no Ma?

First of all, I recommend you drink Matcha when you go to a Japanese tea house specialized on Green Tea. They offer traditional Matcha like served in tea ceremonies but also mixed drinks with like Matcha Latte or Frappe. They normally use soy milk but also offer oat or rice milk.

My all time favorites are either the traditional Matcha serving (drink on the right side) and their iced Matcha Latte (drink on the left side) if I prefer something with less of a tea taste. Another option are either Mugicha or Genmaicha.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Matcha Latte on the left side, traditional Matcha on the right side.

Normally their Matcha drinks with milk are sweetened, so if you prefer something less sweet, just order it without sugar. And as they do not use any diary products their drinks and most of their foods are vegan!

And if you are up for something special, they always offer seasonal drinks. While cherry blossom season, they serve a special Sakura Matcha Latte.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Sakura Matcha Latte, Cha no Ma’s seasonal Spring drink

Are you hungry yet?

They do not offer full course meals, but if you are up for a snack, you will have a hard time to decide. They offer handmade Onigiri rice balls, Daifuku Mochi and Miso soup, as well as Matcha Tiramisu, Cheese cake or Dorayaki.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Onigiri Rice Balls and Miso Soup
Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Handmade Daifuku

They use high quality ingredients, they know how to use them just the right way and the servings are just the right size to be satisfied. If you need different diversity in tastes, they offer seasonal options. 

My favorite snack are Mitarashi Dango, rice flour balls with a salty-sweet sauce. Their chewiness is just right and the plain dango go perfectly with the sauce.

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Mitarashi Dango

Mister Wong’s Foodie Barometer

When I miss Japan a lot, I tend to go visit Cha no Ma and get a Matcha as well as a little snack. The delicious taste always makes me feel like I am right in Japan even if just for a brief moment. As a result, I visit them frequently.

Their Matcha is rich in taste, leavy, and brings all what I am looking for in a green tea drink. Furthermore, their prices are reasonable as well.

Even if they only serve little snacks and no full course meals, it is worth the trip to get one or two onigiri as wenn as their handmade Matcha Tiramisu for dessert.

Taste: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Authenticity: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Cha No Ma Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria

Mister Wong’s tea-licious insider tips!

  • Certainly check out their Website for more information:‎
  • No sweet tooth? No problem! Just order your drink without sugar.
  • If they are busy, order your drink for takeaway.
  • I recommend their iced Matcha Latte with a red bean ball in it. Yummy! 

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Cha No Ma Authentic, Traditional, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria
Cha No Ma Authentic, Traditional, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Vienna, Austria