Are you looking for delicious East Asian foods in Vienna but do not really mind variations in authenticity? Then “Mochi” with its Fusion cuisine, combining Japanese with other international culinary traditions is worth a try.

As you might have already guessed, I love East Asian foods. I already wrote about BAO BAR here in Vienna as well as ALL REIS which specializes on Thai street food. And you also might already know that I love Japanese Ramen. After a delicious bowl of Japanese noodle soup at Mochi Ramen Bar, which really brought me back to Japan for a moment, I was motivated to try out the dishes at their first restaurant in Vienna’s 2nd district.

Getting started

The restaurant Mochi is always super busy, even on weekdays, so it is a must to reserve a table. We did a month in advance and got a table at Saturday lunchtime. As it was a warm day in Fall we decided to sit outside in front of the restaurant. It was a little windy, so I wrapped myself in one of the blankets they provide to hungry customers.

Our lunch selection at Mochi

We started with a delicious avocado seaweed salad seasoned with sesame and soy sauce. The taste was on point, the avocado soft and rich in flavour and, to tell you the truth, I could have eaten three of them. Furthermore, we decided to try their California Maki. I always appreciate it when the sushi rice is not too salty and not to sour from the vinegar, but most importantly they had perfect room temperature.

Afterwards we got the Karaage fried chicken and the fried shrimp salad (I know, two fried dishes are not too healthy, but hey, there was lots of salad). Again, both were super fresh, the meat was tender and perfectly seasoned. Although the shrimps were put in the salad they were not soggy at all and still crunchy to the bite. The dressing was delicious, but a little spicy, so be careful if you are not too fond of hot food.

As a true neo-Viennese I have to finish my meal with a nice dessert. I had to try the Matcha creme brulee as I am a Matcha lover. I was very pleased that they used enough Matcha to give it a nice green color and the uniqua Matcha taste but did not use too much sugar to make it overly sweet. The texture was perfectly smooth, but the sugar coat still crunchy and not too hard. A pleasant completion of a great lunch date.

Mister Wong’s Foodie Barometer

As already said, Mochi serves Fusion cuisine, combining Japanese with other international culinary traditions. They are doing a great job in combining traditional Japanese flavors with a twist. The quality of ingredients used is high and the service very good.

My only point of criticism would be that their portions are comparatively small so that you have to order starters. If you want to see the bright side of it, let’s say that because of the small size of their portions you can also order entrees and dessert and therefore try lots of different dishes.

Also, when I compare the size of the servings with their prices, they are a little more expensive than the average East Asian or Japanese restaurant here in Vienna. But in my opinion, they are worth the money as they make up for it with high quality and delicious food and stylish ambient. And isn’t it ok to treat yourself to culinary delights sometimes?

Taste: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Authenticity: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Mister Wong’s delicious insider tips

  • Do not forget to reserve a table in advance. You can reserve a table weekday evenings and all day long on weekends.
  • Take someone to share with you so you can try lots of different dishes.
  • Do not forget to check out their seasonal menu.
  • Check out their official website for more information.

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Mister Wong at Japanese Fusion restaurant Mochi in Vienna Austria eating entrees starters California Maki Sushi and Avocado Seaweed Salad
Mister Wong at Japanese Fusion restaurant Mochi in Vienna Austria eating entrees starters California Maki Sushi and Avocado Seaweed Salad