These days I was craving for something new, so I decided to take a culinary trip to Thailand… whoops, I meant to ALL REIS Bangkok Street Food in Vienna’s 15th district. What can I say? I fell in love at the first bite.

Only a month ago the new Thai food place ALL REIS opened in Vienna and it only took a week or two for it to become a not so secret insider tipp among Vienna’s foodie community. To assure myself whether the online chorus of praise are sincere and trustworthy, I quickly made up my mind to go, see and taste it for myself. The restaurant is located in Vienna’s 15th district near the subway station U3 Schweglerstraße.

When I called I was too late to book a table for dinner time on that day, so I went there a little early to wait in front of the store for the next non-reserved table. While I was waiting, a long line of people with the same idea in mind build up behind me. It took for about half an hour to get a spot at the bar, but it was worth the wait.

ALL REIS is a cute, well designed shop which really sticks out between the plain, old stored around it.

ALL REIS is a cute, well designed shop which really sticks out between the plain, old stored around it.


Why only eat one starter, when you can eat two?

First of all, I decided to start with Teua Ka Ko, a fried cake with taro, tofu and black beans which caused an explosion of delicious flavors in my mouth. I have never tried anything similar before. I was mesmerized by how sweet and spicy it was at the same time.

A plate of Thai food Teua Ka Ko, fried cake with taro, tofu, black beans.

My first starter, Teua Ka Ko.

As a second starter I got my friendly and helpful waiter’s recommendation: Miang Kham. He explained it to be a little like Thai tortillas, or “wraps” I could fill by myself. And so I did. I filled betel leaves with homemade sweet sour chili sauce, onions, lime, far too hot chilis, peanuts, ginger and roasted coconut pieces. Although it was a little tricky at first with my small paws, I think I did a good job in rolling them. Once again it was really good, but I like the fried taro cake a little bit more.

A plate of Thai food Miang Kham, betel leaves, coconut, shrimps, lime, peanuts, onions, ginger and chili.

My second starter, Miang Kham.


Welcome to seafood heaven, powered by ALL REIS

As first main dish I tried the Ka Prao Pla Thod, a deep fried fish dish with rice. The generous amount of crispy fish with well balanced seasoning was really yummy.

Mister Wong behind a plate of Thai food Ka Prao Pla Thod, deep fried fish with rice.

Me, eating Ka Prao Pla Thod, deep fried fish with rice.

But my unchallenged favorite this evening was Pad Thai, which was recommended to me by the waiter as well. Pad Thai are fried Thai rice noodles with peanuts, garlic chives, scrambled eggs and tamarind dressing. I asked for shrimps, which is said to be the Thai way to eat that dish. Once again the amount of shrimps used (I really should have counted them) is outstanding. Certainly not stingy at all and justifies the price of almost 13 Euro. The different textures of all the ingredients match perfectly. The taste is beyond words so that it directly rocketed upwards right into my favorite top 10 dishes to eat out.

Mister Wong behind a plate of Thai food Pad Thai with shrimps

Me, eating delicious Pad Thai with shrimps.

Most noteworthy is also that the dishes taste authentic and are made with Thai ingredients imported from Thailand. It does not taste “Austrianized” at all, but just like directly at the street food stalls in Thailand. Whether I want to try true and delicious Thai food or suddenly get overwhelmed by wanderlust to South East Asia, this will be my place to go to from now on.


Long story short

I fell in love with the food and the friendly and helpful staff at ALL REIS at the very first bite. Although it is a little bit outside of the city center it is definitely worth the trip and I will definitely go there again. To be honest, I already booked a seat there for my next culinary travel to the other side of the world.


Mister Wong’s (yeah, not so secret, I know) recommendations:

  • Book a table for dinner time, because it is crowded even on weekdays.
  • If you forget to book a table for dinner time, be there early and you still might be lucky.
  • Pad Thai with shrimps is freaking delicious and worth the money!
  • When sitting at the bar, prepare for hot clouds of chili smoke when someone orders one of the really really hot dishes.
  • Try their homemade lemondes. Good taste and not too sweet.
  • You can find ALL REIS’ menu on their website:


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