Who is Mister Wong?


Welcome to my humble blog about East Asian Food, Travel and Culture!

Hello! Or “Servus”, as the average Austrian likes to say. You are probably asking yourself “Just who the heck is Mister Wong?”. Well, Mister Wong is my alter ego, a thirteen centimeters (5.5 inches) tiny, travel-loving Foodie Panda from Hong Kong. He has to take my place and be the awesome model and figurehead for my blog, because I do not like being photographed.

And who am I?

My name is Bettina Wong and I am in my early 30ths. You might be wondering why I, despite of my very common Chinese surname, do not look Asian at all. I am in fact an average Austrian girl. Long story short, more than ten years ago, I met my soulmate and love of my life, a Hong Konger, on one of my trips to Japan. We married and am now living together in Vienna, Austria.

Since we started dating back then, I slowly started to grew an interest in East Asian culture, especially the history and food culture of Hong Kong and completely fell in love with Japan. The last decade we travelled to East and Southeast Asia, learned a lot about the culture and made it our top priority to try as many local foods as possible.

Eventually, I wanted to know more about the part of the world I love so much and studied Japanese Studies and East Asian Economy and Society at the University of Vienna. While I am now working in IT, my love for East Asia is unbowed. I was desperately looking for a way to live out my passion for the cultures so far away while living in Vienna. This is why I came up with my blog.

Whenever possible, I will travel to Asia and will tell you about my adventures and foodie experiences. And while I am in Vienna, I will hunt for traditional food and culture in my neighborhood. You will not believe it, but even 10.000 kilometers away, you will be able to find Japanese culture around the corner, Chinese delicacies in a random back alley as well as authentic Korean kimchi in hidden supermarkets. Just keep your eyes open!

It would be a pleasure if you would follow me on my journey!

Bettina, a.k.a. Mister Wong

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