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Welcome To My Blog!

I already wanted to start a blog years ago but was always unsure about what to write. First of all, I could not decide on a topic. “You should write about only one single topic on your blog. And you should find a niche.”, every book and Blogger-Website said. Moreover, I doubted if anybody even wanted to read what I write, wondered if it was good enough for my own requirements. As time passed and I grew older I became wise started to care less. You can read about the result here.

Mister Wong eating Wan Tan and Tonkotsu Ramen at Mochi Ramen Bar in Vienna's 2nd district, Austria.

Mochi Ramen Bar | Most delicious Ramen in Vienna, Austria

Do you love Japanese Ramen as much as I do? Last week I tried them at Mochi Ramen Bar at the Vorgartenmarkt in Vienna’s 2nd district. Are you curious? Look forward to a magical tale of delicious noodle-ness. (Ok, I made that word up.) As you might already know, I…

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Seen at the Vienna Ugly Tour: Another achitectural Masterpiece from the 1970s near the Karmelitermarkt, Vienna, Austria.

Exploring the “ugly” side of Vienna

Ugly? Vienna? Is that even possible? All the more after Vienna was awarded as most livable city in 2018 by The Economist? To learn more about Vienna’s not so bright side and architectural quirks, I joined the almost three hours long “Vienna Ugly” tour. Spoiler alert: Not all that glitters…

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Mister Wong, snorkelling with manatees in Crystal River, Florida.

Snorkeling with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida

Before I did some research for my trip to Florida last year, I did not know that more than 6000 manatees are living there. As I am a big fan of those fake mermaids, I wanted to take up the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat with disturbing…

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Plush toy Mister Wong looking at the U sign which indicated that there is a Vienna subway station near him.

10 Tips to ride Vienna’s subway like a true Viennese

When coming to Vienna, taking the subway is the most convenient way to move around the city, just like the people who live here. Not just because the city is crowded and it can be slow to drive around by car, but also because it is quite cost-efficient for the…

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Plushie panda Mister Wong in front of the church inside of Melk Abbey. in the Wachau

Visiting the Wachau and Melk Abbey

The UNESCO World Heritage region Wachau and Melk Abbey makes an awesome day trip from Vienna. At least that is what my Japanese friend said when she visited me. No sooner said than done we packed our rucksacks and started our trip very early in the morning.   Basics about…

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Mister Wong behind a plate of Thai food Ka Prao Pla Thod, deep fried fish with rice.

Tasting Thailand at ALL REIS Bangkok Street Food

These days I was craving for something new, so I decided to take a culinary trip to Thailand… whoops, I meant to ALL REIS Bangkok Street Food in Vienna’s 15th district. What can I say? I fell in love at the first bite. Only a month ago the new Thai food…

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