When you travel to Singapore, the iconic ArtScience Museum at the Bayfront is a must. They innovatively combine art and science into a breathtaking experience for grown-ups and kids. The museum is not only perfect for a visit on a hot and humid day (it is an airconditioned dreamland), it is also great for rainy days. That said, do not forget to pack your camera!


Since the TeamLab Digital Art Museum was opened in Tokyo in June 2018 and is now hyped on the internet ever since, I have wanted to visit such a kind of museum. When I started to research what things I could do in Singapore, I was surprised: There is almost the same museum in Singapore as well!

About the ArtScience Museum

Here are a few facts you might want to know about the museum.

How to get there?

The ArtScience Museum is operated by Marina Bay Sands and thus is located right next to the resort. The closest metro station is Bayfront (Circle Line & Downtown line) but you can also reach it by bus (station Marina Bay Sands Theatre) as well as by taxi or Grab (which is the Asian Uber). By the way, the way from the metro station is entirely roofed, which is great if it is a rainy day.

Ticket fees and Discounts

One adult ticket for the main exhibition is 19 Singapore Dollars for tourists, families pay 54$ (as of April 2019). You can find up to date prices on Marina Bay Sands’ website.

Because you get a discount on your ticket when you stay at the Marina Bay Sands, we decided to go there during our stay at Marina Bay Sands. They offer other discounts as well, for example if you bring your valid student ID or your Singapore Airlines boarding pass.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are from 10:00am to 7:00pm daily, last admission is 6:00pm (April 2019). Please check their website for any changes.


How much time will you need for your stay?

Depending on what you want to do inside, calculate to spend one to two hours. Depending on the amount of visitors, it will take some waiting time until you can take photos with the installation arts. You will also have the possibility to interact with the installations arts and draw your own artwork which can be part of the exhibition, which I also recommend you to do.

What can you do at the museum?

There are about ten different installation arts, bigger and smaller ones. Some are colorful and big, a few are small. But you can interact with almost all of them. You will also be able to take really cool photos with them which are definitly worth to be shared on Social Media such as Instagram.

One of my favorite installation arts is a huge ball pool with big glowing balls. You can toss them around and have fun. Just do not kick them! (No, really, you will get scolded!)

Defend Sketch Town from a mean looking Dragon!

At some point, you will reach Sketch Town, a colorful installation art with tables with crayons in the middle, and children as well as grown-ups working on coloring pages. Boring? You are far wrong!

You want to know how it works?

  1. Color in your favorite objects.
  2. Scan the final drawing.
  3. The object will virtually become 3D and more around in town.
  4. Touch the moving objects in the town to see them change their behaviour.

Grab a crayon and get going!

Grab a crayon and a sheet, start to color your vehicle and get annoyed by how poorly you are doing compared to the kids next to you.

Go to the prepared scanner, scan your final drawing and wait for your object to show up in the town on the wall and move around.

When you touch the moving objects on the wall, they start to change their behaviour. This comes in handy as soon as the humongous dragon shows up and starts to destroy the town. Touch the airplanes to fight it! If you are persistent enough, you will be able to save the buildings from being destroyed!

Why should you visit the ArtScience Museum in Singapore?

Long story short: The visit was entertaining and fun for both of us. Although my travel companion and I  are totally different personalities, we both spend about two awesome hours inside. We took tons of photos and videos and played around with the installation arts. I even enjoyed to color a truck, an airplane as well as a polar bear, scanned them and watched them roaming around in their digital worlds all excited.

Depending on your interests, it is worth the visit. The ticket price of 19 Singapore Dollas (14 with discounts) is okayish, keeping in mind that the maintenance of the place must be quite expensive (do not forget the awesome airconditioning in hot and humid Singapore). The drawing corner where you can interact with the art is also a lot of fun not just for kids, but for adults as well.

As we really had a great time, I highly recommend the museum and would definitely visit it again if given the chance!

Mister Wong’s super serious insider tips you need to read before visiting the ArtScience Museum!

  • The location is very instagrammable, thus perfect for photography. Bring your photo equipment with which you can take good photos in dark places! You will be able to take a few great shots for Instagram.
  • Also, you can get a discount on your ticket when you are staying at Marina Bay Sands, bring your Singapore Airlines Boarding Pass or your Student ID. You might also find good deals online to save a Singapore Dollar or two.
  • Do not be too shy to color a car or a bear. Just focus all your artsy skills and enjoy your time. Then, do not forget to scan your masterpiece and see your artwork turn to life!

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