Are you looking for special things to do in Singapore? If you are at least a little into art or even like to draw by yourself, you should join the Urban Sketchers Singapore for one of their meetups. They will help you to get to know this huge metropolis in Southeast Asia from another angle.

Last October I had the great opportunity to join the Urban Sketchers Singapore at one of their Sketching Meetups which are “slightly” bigger than the ones I am used to. While the amount of frequent sketchers joining the Urban Sketchers in my hometown Vienna are still manageable, 50 people or more joining the meetups in Singapore are not unheard of.

At the monthly meetups, lots of local Singaporean sketchers are joined by international travellers. Those, including me, enjoy the get-and-draw-together although the extreme weather conditions with temperatures beyond 33°C/91°F and more than 90 percent humidity add an extra level of difficulty.


What is Urban Sketching?

The Urban Sketchers are a global community of artists who go out and sketch directly on location under the motto „We show the world, one drawing at a time!”. You can find more information about the non-profit organization on their official website.

Most bigger cities around the globe already have official local USk groups. You can find them either in the directory on the official website or just do a quick research online and on the biggest social media platforms. You will most likely find local Urban Sketchers groups on Instagram or Facebook.

Sketching with the Urban Sketchers Singapore at Sentosa Boardwalk

We met on Saturday, 9 o’clock in the morning at the Sentosa Boardwalk, a long bridge which connects Singapore with Sentosa Island, a small island in front of Singapore which is known for its amusement parks as well as resorts.

After a brief round of introductions of the organizers as well as all the new sketchers, we spread to the few rare shady spaces and started to sketch.

For the next three hours we were all busy with sketching our surroundings. Shortly before we were done the sun already dangerously approached us…

… but we still wanted to take a photo of us and our sketches.

Showing Singapore, one drawing at a time!

Urban Sketchers Meetups in Vienna are comparatively small. When 20 Sketchers show up at once, it is already considered a very big meeting. As to say, ten sketchers show up on average. But despite Singapore‘s misanthropic tropical climate, more than 50 sketchers joined at once, flooded the meeting place and drew awesome sketches around the area.

The meetup was one of the highlights of my trip to Singapore and an experience I will never forget. Not only was I surprised by all the talented artists, but also because of the team spirit inside the Singaporean USK community which uses all opportunities to record their beautiful city from as many different angles in the most creative ways possible.

Thanks for letting me join your meetup, if I ever have the opportunity to Singapore again, I‘ll definitely show up again!

Find the Urban Sketchers online

Urban Sketchers Global

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About Singapore’s local group

Urban Sketchers Singapore’s Blog:

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About Vienna’s local group

Urban Sketchers Vienna’s Blog:

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A shorter version of this artcile was first published in German on the Website of the Urban Sketchers Vienna.

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