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Privacy Policy

I want to share some information with you on what services I use, how data is collected and used. So, first of all, I want you to know, that I strongly believe in keeping your data and privacy confidental and secure. Any kind of personal data must not be used for commercial purposes and/or spam.

Statistics service

I use Google Analytics. As regulated by EU law, all your collected information has been made anonymous. This anonymized data is only viewed to work on how to provide a better experience on this website. (Let’s face reality, I don’t really know how to use it anyway. It’s just fun to look at all the colorful charts.) You can find their privacy policy here.


Anyway, cookies by this and other services are used for statistics and improvements of your user experience. For details, go to their websites for privacy conventions. If you do not want to be tracked, close the website, go to your browser’s settings, delete the cookies and visit it e.g. with an incognito tab again. You can also go to the website of Cookies&You and look at their instructions on how to get rid of them. Although, why put in so much effort? All used services anonymize the data anyway, according to their own statement.

E-Mail Subscribtion

I use MailPoet for my e-mail subscription. If you subscribe, you will i.a. get an automatic e-mail every time I post a new blog post and Newsletters. I only save your e-mail address as well as the date of your subsription as well as the date when you confirm your subscription. Your name is optional and will also be saved if you supply it while subscribing. Anyway, for their terms and conditions go to their website for further information.


on If you are already using Gravatar, you can leave comments with using your Gravatar account. You will find their privacy policy on their website. When not using Gravatar and writing a comment on one of my posts, I will need a name, which can also be an alias, to call you, as well as an E-Mail address to authentificate you. You will also be contacted via that very E-Mail address you use in case someone answers to your comments. That said, I will not use that information for anything else than that. If you want to get a newsletter when I post something new from me, you need to subscribe to my newsletter. To reduce unwanted comments, I use the Akismet Plugin to filter spam. You can find their privacy policy here.

Social Media

As for making my content shareable on Social Media, I’m using Simple Share Buttons Adder. You can find their Copyright on their website. Thanks to Facebook’s lax handling of EU laws, I want to state that I am maintaining a Facebook Group for on which apply to this information here as well. (If you are at it, please follow me! On Instagram as well please.) I also advertise my Blog on Pinterest.

Google Fonts

I’m using Google Fonts, you can find their privacy policy here.

Affiliate Links

My pages and posts might contain affiliate links. When you click on them and buy something, I will get a little commission without any extra costs for you which helps me keep my blog running. Your help is highly appreciated.